Palate for the Planet

Please note this challenge is now closed. Thank you to all who took part.

Sustainability is mentioned everywhere these days, but trying to find out exactly what is sustainable when it comes to food can be very difficult, as it is very complex and location dependent.

Making sustainable food choices can feel very challenging, with conflicting information and variation in data creating a very muddled picture that can deter individuals from trying to find out more. 

As sustainability advocates, Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum teamed up with Botanic Gardens Conservation International to develop an introductory resource designed to help people make more sustainable dietary choices based on their carbon footprint. 

This resource is a two week challenge called Palate for the Planet and everyone is welcome to take part by signing up onsite at Oxford Botanic Garden from May 16th - July 30th. 

This webpage contains useful links to those taking part and more information about the subject of food sustainability.