Root to seed

Session outline

Follow the life cycle of a plant from the germination of a seed, through growth and photosynthesis, to flowering, pollination and seed production. Autumn is a great season in which to see how plants are busy making seeds and preparing for the long, cold winter. 

Also discover how plants are important for identifying new medicines to treat human diseases.

Join us in our journey through one of the prettiest seasons at the Garden and find out how important plants are to people and our planet. 

Suitable for Key Stage 2. Session length: 1 hour 45 minutes. Available from 18 September to 20 October.

Please download a map of the Garden.

Curriculum links

Key Stage 2

  • Science Year 3: plants – understand the functions of different parts of flowering plants, requirements for life and growth, and the life cycle of flowering plants
  • Science Year 4 and Year 6: living things – classify plants, trees and seeds based on their characteristics
  • Science Year 5: all living things – understand the process of reproduction in plants
  • Additional: learn about plants that changed the world, including plants that are used in medicine