Education visits to Harcourt Arboretum

Harcourt Arboretum was acquired by Oxford Botanic Garden in 1963 and contains some of the finest conifer collections in the UK alongside natural woodland, coppice and 63 acres of wildflower meadow. Our visits draw upon our exceptional collections and research to educate students on the importance of conservation, biodiversity and the natural world. The Arboretum is just 6 miles south of Oxford City Centre and has coach parking to enable large group visits. Groups are welcome throughout the year and sessions are always held outdoors with a hands-on approach.

A visit to Harcourt Arboretum is an ideal opportunity for students to engage with the natural environment, from meadows and ponds to natural deciduous woodland. A range of sessions are available year-round that focus on hands-on activities to enhance the curriculum for all Key Stages. Sessions for nursery groups and further education groups are also available.