UnbeLEAFable Botany

Are you interested in being involved in the production of this podcast?

We are looking for student volunteers to help with hosting, writing and producing this podcast. If you think you could help, even if it's just for a single episode/topic that you find particularly interesting, please fill in the form below by the 4th December.


Currently, we have these ideas for potential episode titles and we would love your feedback or suggestions. 

  • Killer plants: the carnivores, vampires and parasites of the plant world
  • Perfect by design: exploring the world of orchids, the masters of deception
  • Let's Re-Peat: everything you need to know about peat
  • Crucial conservation: Plants that are saving the world and how we can save them
  • Murder most foul: how plants are helping solve crimes through forensic botany
  • Wait, so plants can talk?: Plant communications
  • Plant and plantibility: Plants and literature
  • Bringing your garden indoors: your guide to houseplants
  • Toxic, psychedelic or medicinal: an exploration into plant biochemistry and medicine
  • Delicious and addictive: a look at some of the most addictive plants including coffee, sugarcane and cacao
  • Awesome astrobotany: how do we grow plants in space and what does it teach us about agriculture on Earth
  • Nature based solutions: biomimetics and how plants are inspiring engineers to solve some of our biggest problems
  • Plant top trumps: the oldest, smallest, tallest, rarest, etc.
  • Plants in a changing world: the impact of climate change
  • The root of it: Exploring the crucial relationship between plants and fungi

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If you have any questions please email podcast@obg.ox.ac.uk