Five senses in the Garden

Session outline

This hands-on tour around the Botanic Garden enables pupils to use all five senses to engage with their surroundings. Pupils will smell herbs, taste tropical fruits, listen for natural sounds, find colourful plants and feel a variety of textures. Pupils will visit the steamy rainforest and arid desert, as well as having the chance to explore the beautiful Garden outdoors. We will discuss which parts of our body are linked to our senses, and have a truly immersive experience. This session includes tasting, so please let us know if any of your students have allergies.

Suitable for Foundation and Key Stage 1. Session length: 1 hour 30 minutes. Available all term. 

Please download a map of the Garden.

Curriculum links

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Communication and language: listening and attention, understanding, speaking
  • Personal, social and emotional development: self-confidence
  • Understanding the world

Key Stage 1

  • Science Year 1: plants - basic structure of plants
  • Science Year 1: animals - parts of the human body associated with each sense
  • Science Year 1: geography – experience different climates
  • Science Year 2: plants - plants need water and light to grow and stay healthy