Evolution, classification and adaptation

Session outline

How have plants changed over millions of years? We will take a ‘plant evolution safari’ around the Botanic Garden and learn about evolution, adaptation, classification along the way. Pupils will see ancient groups of plants including ferns, horsetails and conifers. In the classroom, pupils will work on evolution and adaptation in a cross-curricular project to explore how our green planet has changed over time. 


Suitable for Foundation and Key Stage 2. Session length: 1 hour 45 minutes. Available all term. 

Please download a map of the Garden.

Curriculum links

  • Science Year 5: describe the life cycle and the process of reproduction in plants

  • Science Year 6:  living things and their habitats - identify how living things can be classified based on their characteristics

  • Science Year 6: evolution – recognise that living things have changed over time

  • Science Year 6: evolution – understand how plants and trees have adapted to suit different environments and that adaptation leads to evolution

  • Geography KS 2: knowledge and understanding of environmental change