Private visit to Wadham College Gardens (SOLD OUT)

Previously visited in summer 2018, we hope this end of March return visit will offer an interesting opportunity to explore the varied structural ‘skeletons’ of the many magnificent Wadham College trees, alongside early spring bulbs. The Head Gardener, Andrew Little, will take us round the different gardens within the grounds, mixing his extensive knowledge with anecdote. Originally a series of orchards and market-gardens carved out from the property of the Augustinian priory, Wadham’s gardens have been significantly modified over the course of the last four hundred years. Numbered amongst Wadham’s tree collection are a holm oak, silver pendant lime, tulip tree, gingko, dawn redwood, tree of heaven, incense cedar, Corsican pine, Wollemi pine and rare Chinese gutta-percha. Among other curiosities are an eighteenth-century ‘cowshed’ set into the remnants of the Royalist earthworks of 1642, and a sculpture of Sir Maurice Bowra (Warden, 1938-70) by John Doubleday. And in the greenhouse, a 200-year- old dessert Black Hamburg vine, dating back to the Napoleonic wars, still provides the college with grapes though none will be hanging in tempting bunches at the time of our visit! Refreshments on arrival in the college ante-chapel.


By kind permission of The Warden and Fellows of Wadham College


  • Friends £15, guests £20
  • Maximum 30


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