Private tour of St John’s College Gardens (SOLD OUT)

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The St John’s College gardens were first laid out in the 16th century, although they soon expanded into three separate gardens: the President’s Garden, the Masters’ Garden or outer grove (the original Grove) and the Bachelors’ Garden, or inner grove. The layout of the garden nowadays reflects the dominant influence of the landscaping movement in the second half of the 18th century. The main feature is the large lawn, framed by paths lined with trees and shrubs. Among the most notable trees are two large copper beeches, a cork oak and a paper-bark maple. Perhaps the finest tree in the garden is the fern-leaved beech at the northern end, now flanked by the new Kendrew Quadrangle in which tea will be served at the end of a tour led by Head Gardeners, Phil Shefford and Jane Colquhoun.

By kind permission of The President and Fellows of St John’s College

  • Friends £20, guests £25
  • Maximum 40

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