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Plants 400

The 400 week countdown to the 400th anniversary (25th July 2021) of plant sciences in Oxford.


How a pitcher plant catches its prey

In this guest post for the New Phytologist Trust, Chris Thorogood writes about some of the ingenious mechanisms that pitcher plants use to trap prey.

masters garden  adams laburnum

Adam's Laburnum

Discover more about a horticultural curiosity, which flowered this year in the Master's Garden at Christ Church. 

Christ Church meadows

Meadow Flowers - Summer

Discover which meadow flowers have been spotted growing this hot and dry summer in our neighbour's gardens at Christ Church College. 

World's Largest Flower

Dr Chris Thorogood, Head of Science and Public Engagement talks about Rafflesia, the largest flower on earth.


Carnivorous Plants

Dr Chris Thorogood, Head of Science and Public Engagement, talks all things carnivorous plants.


The pelican flower

The pelican flower Aristolochia grandiflore has one of the largest flowers in the world and emits a repulsive odour in order to attract flies which pollinate the plant.

The starfish flower

Not all flowers smell good, in fact, some smell truly awful! The starfish flower Stapelia gigantea is one of them.


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