A Giant Among Waterlilies

Victoria amazonica is a truly magnificent plant with a fascinating life cycle.
But how did it end up at Oxford Botanic Garden? 



An Extraordinarily Elusive Flower

Oxygyne is an exceptionally rare group of plants which are poorly known to science
and are of critical conservation concern.



World's Largest Flower

Dr Chris Thorogood, Head of Science and Public Engagement talks about Rafflesia, the largest flower on earth.


Carnivorous Plants

Dr Chris Thorogood, Head of Science and Public Engagement, talks all things carnivorous plants.


The pelican flower

The pelican flower Aristolochia grandiflore has one of the largest flowers in the world and emits a repulsive odour in order to attract flies which pollinate the plant.

The starfish flower

Not all flowers smell good, in fact, some smell truly awful! The starfish flower Stapelia gigantea is one of them.