Autumnal Art

Session outline

Autumn is the season in which trees produce their seeds and fruits, and bright green leaves change into a spectacular array of colours. Take a tour around the Botanic Garden to learn about plants that changed the world, the habitats in which they grow, and how they change through the seasons. Have a go at our scavenger trail and be inspired by beautiful autumnal colour to get creative in the classroom. 

Suitable for Foundation and Key Stage 1. Session length: 1 hour 45 minutes. Available from 18 September to 20 October.

Please download a map of the Garden.

Curriculum links

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Communication and language - listening and attention, understanding
  • Personal, social and emotional development - self-confidence
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design - exploring and using media and materials

Key Stage 1

  • Art: use a range of materials, develop techniques
  • Science Year 1: plants - observe the basic structure of plants
  • Science Year 1: seasonal changes – observe changes across the seasons and identify deciduous and evergreen trees
  • Science Year 2: plants – understand the needs of plants and trees such as light, water and a suitable temperature
  • Science Year 2: habitats – understand how different habitats provide the basic needs for different plants and animals and how they depend on each other

Additional: learn about Plants That Changed the World