Wildlife at the Arboretum

The Arboretum is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals and insects. The different types of habitat, including woodland, coppice, wildflower meadow, and exotic trees and shrubs, support everything from deer and badgers to dragonflies and beetles.

When you arrive, take a moment to stay quiet and still, and watch our bird feeder next to the ticket office. Here you may catch a glimpse of great tits, blue tits, coal tits, woodpeckers, nuthatches and chaffinches. The loudest birds here are our resident peacocks, which call to impress the peahens, whilst displaying their prominent fan-like tail. You may also hear the shrill cry of the red kites that glide overhead.

While you are on your walk, look out for the tell-tale signs of local mammals and birds, such as droppings, footprints and burrows, which can all give clues as to what lives here. You may catch a glimpse of a deer, hare or a stoat, each of which are can be spotted in the coppice and in Palmer's Leys.

The meadows and ponds are a breeding place for butterflies, dragonflies and bees in spring and summer. If you see something interesting on your visit, please let our Ticket Office staff know who can log it in our records.