Livestock at the Arboretum

During your visit, you may come across livestock at the Arboretum, for example domestic breeds of pig such as Oxford Sandy and Blacks, also known as the 'Plum Pudding' or 'Oxford Forest' pig. They have red-orange hair with black spots, and darken to a grey colour when mature.

During the winter months, you may see the distinctive Castlemilk Morrit breed of sheep which play an important role in maintaining our wildflower meadows. This year a rare native breed of cattle, called Aberdeen Angus, are grazing our meadows. 
Cattle graze meadows in a different way to sheep and are very good at eating the woodier weeds and pulling up the under layer of thatch that sometimes prevents the seed getting to the ground. 

Ask at the Welcome Centre to find out whether there are cattle, sheep or pigs at the Arboretum during your visit. We kindly ask visitors to keep a reasonable distance from the livestock, and not to feed them.