Thinking 3D: Flower to Frame

Herbarium Room 
Oxford Botanic Garden 


Come along to the Herbarium Room for our exhibition together with Magdalen College Flower to Frame, which will explore the evolution and techniques of botanical illustration through the centuries.
Explore how botanical illustrations were sketched and created, the use of three-dimensional sectional teaching models from the early 20th century, and 21st century 3D models of plants that cannot be cultivated in gardens.
Flower to Frame will show visitors both ancient and modern techniques, and exhibit new artwork by botanist Dr Chris Thorogood (Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum) and botanical illustrator Rosemary Wise (Department of Plant Sciences).

Opening hours

Every week from 10am to 4pm, Thursday to Sunday 

We rely on our dedicated volunteers to open our Herbarium Room to the public. Whilst we strive to keep the room open as much as possible, please be aware that it is not possible for the room to be open at all times.
Please ask the staff in our Ticket Office for more information.


Free with your entrance ticket to the Garden, no booking required.