Chakra Meditation with Yin Yoga

Oxford Botanic Garden | Wellbeing | £60

Join us for this very special 400th anniversary event in the garden where Nadia from East Oxford Yoga and Sophie from Linden Tree Meditation will be leading a yoga and meditation mini-retreat.

The retreat will be a combination of yin and yang asana (yoga postures) and themed meditations, aligning with the seven major chakras (mind/body energy centres) and working gently up the body from root to crown. Each meditation will incorporate plants and essential oils as well as colours and natural elements for a beautifully balancing multi-sensory experience. 

Please bring a picnic lunch to share, a bottle of water and a blanket. 


For meditation: although it is a generally safe and enjoyable practice, we ask that you check with your GP concerning any mental health conditions before booking.


400 logo smallThis course runs in the year Oxford Botanic Garden is celebrating its 400th anniversary.