A Passion for Snowdrops - book signing

Book signing by George Brownlee, author of A Passion for Snowdrops, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Pathology at the University of Oxford

George Brownlee is a keen gardener and a passionate galanthophile who has grown over 100 different species and varieties of snowdrop in his garden in Oxford over the course of three decades. He has opened his garden to groups of snowdrop enthusiasts. He has written A Passion for Snowdrops to pass on his knowledge for growing snowdrops to others, first by describing how to cultivate them and second by mentioning varieties to grow without spending a fortune. His own personal insights into snowdrop cultivation, and the problems faced by gardeners of snowdrops in the urban environment are prominent.

This book signing will take place after the Snowdrop and Bulb Walk event and is free to all visitors of Oxford Botanic Garden.

Please note: facemasks will need to be worn inside the Conservatory for this event.