Join the Bobarts Patron Group

Patrons of the Garden and Arboretum enjoy a programme of small group visits to the botanical art hidden away in college libraries, the Herbaria in Plant Sciences and in some of the best gardens and estates in the area.
We are a very friendly group of people who enjoy visiting gardens together and learning from each other's skills and experiences.

  • The Bobarts Patron Group was established in 2004
  • It’s a very friendly group sharing many skills and different experiences
  • Members receive all the benefits of the Friends of OBG
  • In addition, benefits from among the following:
    • Small group visits to the botanical art and gardens of the Oxford colleges
    • Opportunities to see the Herbaria in Plant Sciences 
    • Regular access to some of the best gardens and estates around Oxford 
    • Exclusive trips to Kew, RHS Lindley Library, Chelsea Physic Garden
    • Since 2012 at least one all day visit each year with two gardens and lunch
    • Longer overnight visits have been arranged to gardens in more distant counties such as Somerset and Herefordshire
    • Annual Bobarts Day reception at either OBG or Arboretum, with Director, Senior Staff and Curators.
    • The knowledge that you are supporting the OBGA with valuable additional funding.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining the Bobarts group to enjoy these special visits and tours.

For further information, contact the Friends’ Administrator on 01865 261 303,

"In 2005 I joined the Bobarts Group because I wanted to support the work of education, research and conservation at the Garden and Arboretum as much as I could. I have been able to do this whilst being rewarded with the many and varied visits that have been organised by the Bobarts team over the years. It is always special to explore a private garden with a small group of friendly people with a shared passion, to hear about it first hand from the owner or head gardener and then enjoy a lunch, tea or drink with the group who have now become friends."